Ptolus: The Campaign Continues

Altair's Final Journey

In Stone and Blood I inscribe my Legacy on these lands…

Altair continued to pursue a career as a sorcerer, maintaining his ferocity with a greatsword and his stoutness with his armor. And becomame close to as powerful an arcane wielder as some of Ptolus’ greatest heroes. Altair followed in his father’s footsteps for nearly a decade: taking over the role of High Captain of the City Guard. Though, he found this role dull, and without adventure. It was then he decided he had spent enough time serving Ptolus, and set due north, to the forestland of Nall. It was here that he brought his several hundred followers to forge a new kingdom. He united the many barbarian tribes of region, and built a new kingdom, known as Winterfall. He was adored by his kingdom, as they built many statues in his glory. In fact, there was a monument built, in honor of the valiant saving of the planet by Altair and his allies in the kingdom’s capitol, Keldara. The bards sung of the great adventures that he and his allies had during their time. Winterfall became close allies with Ptolus and the surrounding kingdoms. It was there, in the boreal wasteland, that Altair past, at the age of 126. He ascended, as a lesser god. He became Altair, God of the Northern Warriors. He guarded the kingdoms of Praemal for several millenia…



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