Ptolus: The Campaign Continues


The Queen of Dwarves you rescued from Jabel Shammar has rallied the now revived King Stardelve and the Stonelost Dwarves are now the Earthheart Dwarven Clan…they have returned to Dwarvenhearth and have already begun trade with Ptolus and beyond.

Draeta Phantas, the Dreaming City; has been restored to the Moonsilver mountains with the Soul of the World entact. When the Golden Chains of Vallis were broken – the Soul was taken from the Vallis moon and placed in its rightful place within the city. As promised, the Dream King delivered on the items you have all dreamed about.

An ancient gold wyrm that was rescued has returned to Ptolus and usurped House Dallithion(house Dragon) and become once again it’s sole ruler. First order of business; utterly destroy House Vlaadam.

Castle Shard has grown to 10 times its former size. The Defenders of Ptolus have been made Protectorate Shard members for life.

The Delver’s Guild now has some of your exploits in the Guild Library for others to enjoy.

Jevvica has been made head of the Inverted Pyramid and has purged its policy on foreign spellcaster not being able to join – She has made its resources and libraries available to all who seek to know arcana. Xi-Fa has been made an honery Master Inverted Mage.

Lincoln has been asked to spread the tale of his adventures and that of his associates on wide travel route through Palastine and the surrounding countryside. The troupe has some of the finest muscians and bards in the land. He’s been asked to lead this troupe to every major city in the Empire.

Chloe and Adam have yet to reveal their goals but the citizens of Ptolus should not worry as their plans may or may not be as grand as what brought them to them. A certain sewer in the Necropolis comes to mind!

Vae, deeply distraught over Tally-Was loss feels empty. Though the world was saved, he has lost a dear close friend. The Temple of Saerenrae offered little comfort. No one seemed to know what became of his companion. However on the evening of the end of the first fortnight since Praemal was saved, Sarenrae appeared before Vae in his room during his mediation.

“Why do you worry so? Your friend helped save all of you.” she said in a luminous voice.

“She isn’t here. Why was it fair for her to just die. I couldn’t bring her back. None of your priests seemed to be able to. Why?”

“She is here…” Saerenrae then pointed to a brilliantly lit woman that seemed to come out of pearlescent light.

“She has been made Goddess of Purity and Determination within my realm”

“I am alright, my friend Vae. Now I can help all those that I could not help before. My Goddess has entrusted me to fulfill a gap in her responsibility and she has asked me to ask you to help.”

“What could I do? I am mortal, you are a god. I couldn’t save you.” Vae replied stiffly.

“I was saved, Vae. And so will you. You are now my Herald Bow of Tally-Wa, and you will help those that cannot help themselves with your compassion and might, and some divine help from me. Will you accept?”
“You are doing this of your own free will?” Vae asked solomly
“I am, I need you in this endeavor. I need you to lead others I may call upon.”

“Then I accept, if I may be so bold I have a small condition.”
“What is that, my friend?”
“That you pray with me every night and for those that I must purge of evil.”
Tally-Wa smiled., “Of course. Thank you.”

Saerenrae stepped back to the fore and looked at Tally-Wa and then Vae with a smirk. “We have much to do, young Vae. As will you. Take this time rejoice in the Evil that was purged from this world, you will know when to begin your calling.”

Altair’s plans never were set in stone. For a time he would stay in Ptolus, but life never kept him in one place. Sooner or later he would depart for greater things – perhaps forge his own kingdom. But that, is another story…



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