Ptolus: The Campaign Continues

Ok and now Day King

False Tombs

Battling Dark Elves was bad enough – but a black dragon coupled with wicked traps was enough put some real fear into Lincoln and the rest of his friends. And he is usually the upbeat one. After the battle with the dragon, the party carefully headed down the hall, having to beat back gorgons made of metal and defeating a fireblast trap.

Probably the one thing that really got Vey worried was a lone coffin in the center of a lackluster room. It was dark except for a small eerie glow emanating from the casket. Believing the party had finally found King Stardelve’s tomb, they gathered near the door while he went to examine it. A skeleton of sorts appeared above the casket, but did nothing. As our rogue carefully pulled tools out to search – he knew as soon as heard a soft hiss of wind that he had made an unalterable mistake.

The casket exploded with amazing force obliterating everything in the room and the doorway. Gunpowder laced with sorceroy shattered the walls and blackened the faces of a stunned group of adventurers. But they survived nonetheless.

The next room carried the real treasure. A lone bronze coffin that sat open with a preserved Stardelve laying in it. On his right arm, was the fabled Platinum Cestus, an artifact the King used to his death that helped defend Dwarvenhearth during its fight with Ghul more than three hundred years ago.

Altair wasted no time recognizing the artifact and promptly putting its epic happiness all up his arm…. and hoping the party won’t suffer for it…. despite wasting even more dark elves later. One can only hope.



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