Ptolus: The Campaign Continues

Souls & Fire Giants

Goth Gulgamel Continued

“Why are we up here again?” asks Xi-Fa as she straightens out her tunic and cloak. “You wanna stop the Lords of Chaos don’t ya? You want fortune and glory right?” smirks Vae as he walks and cleans his longbow.

The chamber they were leaving from was ancient and cold. Grey stones and opaque granite lined the walls and then seemed to fade into the surrounding darkness. Something called the Utterdark. Something so alien and mysterious that if one were to let curiousity get the best of them, one would simply vanish into the void. Never to be heard from again.

The company continued down a wide path that opened up into an archway. Strange as the archway depicted horrific vistages of demons and devils, unholy rites and sacrifice. All manor of evils were depicted here. However, those details didn’t hold long, as just beyond the arch, one could see a vast chamber lit in flames. Pools of hot magma oozing here and there, and potholes that seem to carry actual Souls of the damned – trapped trying to get out.

The souls were guarded by fiery salamanders and beyond, fire giants as old as Praemel itself. Vae quickly began looking for another way around this living hell. Only there wasn’t one. This was the only way forward. His own Righteousness put to the test as this appeared to be a suicide confrontation in front of him and his companions.

His tepid nature was calmed by Xi-Fa’s devastating spell attacks along with Altair’s blades and his faithful drunken friend Wong. As Lincoln sang ballads of glory and strength to keep up everyone’s morales, one by one they slew their enemies. Fate was strangely on their side even in this foreboding place. (Actually the DM can’t make attack rolls to save his ass!).

Defeating the giants and resting while they could – they continued until they found a strange narrow path of bones that led to floating marble platforms. The bones and the platforms were suspended in the Utterdark itself. Visability was impossible. One wrong step and the reverse gravity would take hold and woosh someone to the Abyss forever. Fortunately, some quick thinking saved everyone from that consequence… Vae had tied rope to everyone before proceeding.

Battle ensued at one of the platforms but it yielded results…Lenses…that could actually see insite the Darkness…but only if it was dark around the wearer. With a small path before them and entangled dreams befuddling our heroes, they will be lucky indeed if they should ever see their own beds again…



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