Ptolus: The Campaign Continues

The Trial of the Book / End Game

The Dread One’s Path

And so after releasing a Planetar frozen in time inside Alabaster’s Sanctuary, our courageous yet foolhardy adventurers set out to conquer and defeat once and for all the Dread One. Of course stocking up on potions is always a grand idea – and applying enchancement enchants on yourself proved crucial as you entered the housing of the Dread One’s suite. Cold it was, various dark items spread about.

On a chest in the far corner of the room, with strangely no key, sat a journal. The journal seemed empty except for one dark velvet page in the center. The Planatar had mentioned a secret access – this maybe the key.

Xi-Fa examined it carefully, and then spoke the magic of the page – instanteously being wisked to a dark crimson red place. She was by herself. Hearing whispers all around her. A dark robed figured stood ominously above her. He spoke:
“Did you really think your power could hope to equal mine? How comtempable! You are nothing.”

An hour passed and she couldn’t break his will.

“The longer you stay the more you become my servant. My very will. Your efforts are laughable.”

Xi-Fa tried to cast spells into the darkness – but nothing worked. Exhausted and slowly losing her mind – she began to concentrate. Inside her mind she told herself – this isn’t real. I am in control. I know in this universe, I am unique, and I will NOT BE DEFEATED!"

A burst of light, and she found herself among her friends and allies, all exhausted but breathing a sigh of relief. They too had gone through something similar, yet separate.

Tendrils like black molasses began attacking the party. The dark robed figure had been replaced with a floating large book – nine feet in the air. The Planatar worried – she tried to re-cast holy auras but ultimately failed. The Book of Inverted Darkness was protected by an incredible energy field. It was impervious to physical attacks.

It took some trial an error, but a fast thinking disintergrate spell destroyed the force field for a few second, long enough for the Defenders to unleash everything they had at the book. Vae fired a series of arrows, Lincoln through a bead of force, Adam unleashed an onslaught of bullets piercing the binding of the book; Altair slowly grabbed with both hands his greatsword swingly it in a powerful swing towards the book.

At the same time, Tally-Wa had fallen, she had suffered her fourth attack by the Tendrils of the Malignancy, her heart became dark and foreboding, in her darkness rage, she ensorcelled Carine and Lincoln in a powerful flamestrike nearly killing them.

Altair’s swing fell onto the weakened Book. He split it in half! From behind the Book, Xi-Fa cracked her Staff of Power into the half-split book!

Around the party, darkness and crimson light began to fold in on itself, as if the book itself and opened up a hole in space – sucking the Malignancy and everything around it, with a large thunderous crack- the book and the darkness were gone.

Tally-Wa fell to the ground, the darkness now gone – her eyes were normal. She looked up at you all from the stone gravel floor. “I’m okay.” she smiled. “I think we made a difference.,” then suddenly, as if exhausted. She died.

A few seconds later in a blast of brilliant light – her body disappeared.

In shock, and beyond words, you began to gather yourselves. Now inside the Throne Room of Jabel Shammaar, the dark shadows gone. You begin to wonder if everything was worth it. Was this really the end?

Just then in front of you; a silver-green circle began to form in the open space. Beyond it showed a space filled with a silver brilliant light. The light began to speak.

“We are the Elder Gods. You have done what we could not. And now it is time for your final task to be rid of the Evil we so long ago inprisoned here.”

To your right anchored to the wall itself was a large golden chain…it seemed to stretch out to the Heavens themselves. The chain reached deep into the fortress – and beneath the Spire itself. A Silvery Red Axe appeared next to the chain.

“You must now destroy these chains, so that you’re world will be free of Ancient Evil forever. If you do not do so now, the world will be torn asunder. No one will survive.”

Altair never did wait to make a decision – throwing down his greatsword. He grabbed the axe with both hands and swung with everything he had. The chain broke into a million golden shards everywhere.

Suddenly the ground began to shake – sharply. Outside the Tower of Malice window – it was night time in Ptolus – a silvery large moon appeared out of no where.

In this distance, a large tower that sat in Oldtown appeared on a corner where none had been before.

Then as you looked over the window, a large shadow krept above the city, it was dark and alive, it was pulled, dragged across the night sky – then disappeared in a point of light.

“It is done. The Jewels of Parnaith are destroyed. Raguel has fulfilled his purpose, and is back among us. As your world is now back among the stars themselves. You and those below can now write Praemal’s destiny. We grant each of you one wish, before departing your world forever”.

Vae, Adam, Lincoln, Altair, Xi-Fa, Chloe stood in silence. Though they spoke their wishes allowed – they couldnt hear it from each other.

Only time would tell. And only they could write the story from here….



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