Platinum Cestus



This powerful artifact draws upon the wearer’s personal power — the greater the wearer, the greater the artifact’s might. The single platinum gauntlet shimmers with energy. It increases the wearer’s Strength and Charisma scores by a +1 luck bonus for every 5 levels the wearer posesses, rounding down.

Further, the Cestus allows use of a number of spells, each requiring the artifact to expend one charge per spell level. The Cestus carries one charge per level of the wearer, renewed daily. The available spells are: disintergrate, divine favor, flesh to stone, heal, levitate, move earth, regenerate, shield, stone to flesh, transmute rock to mud, transmute mud to rock, true strike, and wall of stone.

The wearer also can draw upon a wish, but doing so drains 1d6 Constitution Points with each use (Charisma is used in abscense of a Constitution score).

King Stardelve died using the Cestus, calling upon one too many wishes in his valiant battle against Ghul.

Source: Ptolus City By the Spire Campaign Book
Page: 481

reference – Battle with Ghul/Dwarvenhearth
Page: 462


Platinum Cestus

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