Ptolus: The Campaign Continues

The Day King

The Gauntlet

It never ceases to amaze people in Ptolus when delvers come back up with exploits of heroism and feats of daring. Certainly the fact they risk their lives on uncertaintly makes for great stories and conversation in all the taverns and watering holes in the City By the Spire. But ask about a small group of nobles called The Defenders of Ptolus, an egotistical group of adventures that somehow have conquered evils and chaos cults everywhere. Not to mention the favor of the Lords of Castle Shard. And now its rumored they have gained entry to fabled Dwarvenhearth!

Though I hate braggers and those that exagerate without proper fluff, once cannot deny the proof and the results this young and bold group has produced. Though I sometimes grow tired of their fans and cheers while I drink my favorite tankard, I have to admit that I too am looking forward to hearing about their latest exploits. It’s better than all the gossip among the Houses, and cheaper than a game of Dragon Dice.

Hopefully they won’t be swallowed whole between now and then. There are stories to be heard!

Danilo Harpschord Retired Herald of Emerald Isle
Inserting the Key
Into Dwarvenhearth

The Gear Key

Having used a secret passage discovered near the Banewarrens Inner Entrance, the party decended some 200 meters to a cavarn that was just outside the Grand Entrance of Dwarvenhearth. Immense pillars and perfectly woven stone and mithral cunnery line the walls and floor tiles in the plaza. The sheer size and near perfect shape of the place truly amazed everyone as they made their way to the Great Gear Gate.

As they approached, the Key floated out of the hands of one enthusiastic delver and slid itself into the grand gear mechanism that effectively was the magical lock of this door. Hard to call it a door – it’s more of a wall that hasn’t been slid open for centuries.

The large golden gear lock rumbled and turned – as gears, tumblers and knocks filled and echo the hall then sliding the large stone walls apart revealing the opening into the Great Plaza.

The wonderment ended however with a party of Drow and their leader, a Vampire Sorceror who was insistant that their lives and their equipment now belonged to him. And that wasn’t ego as he had over a dozen soldiers with him – and oh yea – one Beholder floating behind him.

Dodging spells and Disintergrates the Defenders toil and ultimately destroy the raiding party -but not before losing one of their own…


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