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Delver’s Guild

Despite the fact that the Delver’s Guild has existed
for just over three years, it is already one of
the most powerful and prominent guilds in the
city. It offers its members information about job
opportunities and events pertaining to the exploration
of regions below Ptolus, which many call
the Dungeon. The Delver’s Guild also maintains
the city’s most extensive collection of maps of
the underground areas and an impressive library
for research. Most active adventurers in the city
belong to the Delver’s Guild, at least for the discount
at Ebbert’s Outfitters and access to the
maps and library.

Members not only have access to this information,
they also receive passwords that allow them
into secret chambers within the underground
regions. These secret chambers, called waystations,
are stocked with food and simple supplies. Highranking
members gain retrieval insurance, which
exploring, guild members will retrieve their bodies
and have them raised if at all possible
(retrieval and raising paid for out of a special
guild account funded by the insured).
The guild’s membership hovers around eight
hundred. There are said to be at least four hundred
delvers not affiliated with the guild. At any
given time, about one-fifth of this number is
exploring the Dungeon (about two hundred fifty).
The Guildmaster Delver, Sorum Dandubal (male
human expert4/fighter4), is quickly becoming one
of the most powerful and influential people on
the City Council.
There are four levels of Delver’s Guild
1. Associate Guildsman. Open to anyone.
Dues: 10 gp per year (payable upon
Benefits: Access to guild information,
10 percent discount at Ebbert’s
2. Guildsman. Open to anyone.
Dues: 20 gp per year (payable upon
Benefits: As associate, plus access
to guild library, maproom, and
3. Master Delver. Open to guildsmen after
at least one year’s membership.
Dues: 500 gp per year.
Benefits: As guildsman, plus voting
privileges and retrieval insurance.
4. Grand Master. Open to master delvers with
at least three year’s membership. Title
held by all founding members
(18 total).
Dues: 5,000 gp per year.
Benefits: As master delver, plus
claim staking.
Guild Information: The Delver’s Guild compiles
reports of what their membership encounters
below the city in terms of dangers and treasures.
The guild keeps track of monsters, inhabitants,
traps, hazards, and other factors of note. It then
rates each area on a scale of 1 to 20 based on
difficulty and reward—typically, the higher the
difficulty, the higher the reward.
Guild Library and Maproom: The Delver’s
Guild Library and Maproom is located in
Oldtown, despite the fact that the main headquarters
of the Guild is located just off the
Undercity Market, below Midtown. The Guild
librarian is a kindly fiftyish man named Shad
Livbovic (male human expert8). Guild maps are
not free. Access to the library and maproom
costs 1 gp, and copying a map costs between 50
to 200 gp, depending on the map. Guild maps
always show waystations, if any.
Guild Waystations: Each waystation contains
3d6 days’ worth of iron rations and water,
1d3–1 doses of antitoxin, 3d6 torches, flint and
steel, a healer’s kit, 1d2–1 potions of cure light
wounds, 1d6 sacks, 1d4 daggers, 50 feet of rope,
and some miscellaneous simple tools. About 10
percent of the time, however, a waystation is
completely empty.
Most waystations are protected in areas sealed
with voice-activated magical locks. All waystation
locks open to a single password communicated
to the entire membership of guildsman rank and
above. The passwords change weekly. Members
using a waystation’s supplies are expected to
return and restock them, but in reality this only
happens about 25 percent of the time. The rest of
the time, if possible, the guild pays for teams to
restock waystations.
Retrieval Insurance: If a master delver dies
while exploring the Dungeon, the Delver’s Guild
guarantees that it will attempt divinations to find
him, and—if successful—send someone down to
recover the body so it can be raised. The master
delver must put aside sufficient money in a special
fund (held in trust by the guild) to pay for the
spells and to recompense those who go down and
retrieve the body. Typically, this amount would be
at least 6,730 gp (280 gp for a divination spell,
5,450 gp for raise dead, and 1,000 gp to pay a
retrieval team), but to play it safe, many master
delvers deposit 11,650 gp (1,200 gp for discern
location, 5,450 gp for raise dead, 5,000 gp to pay
an extremely competent retrieval team, including
two teleport spells), or still more for a resurrection
or true resurrection. Some adventurers make their
living doing nothing but working as a part of a
retrieval team.
Voting Privileges: The Guild operates as a
democracy of a sort, with all master delvers getting
a vote regarding guild actions and the election
of the Guildmaster Delver, who represents them
on the City Council and leads the guild for a twoyear
renewable term. Grand master votes count as
five votes.
Claim Staking: Grand master delvers are
allowed to stake a claim on a certain area of the
Dungeon, either to ensure that no one else besides
them can explore it, or to use it as a base of operations
or residence. The claim must be approved by
a majority of the existing grand masters. When a
claim is posted, no guild members may enter the
claimed territory without permission, or they
immediately lose their membership and are fined
1,000 gp. In fact, the guild pays up to five associate
guildsmen to serve as guards (such a job usually
pays 20 gp per month) if the grand master with the claim wishes it (and, of course, he can hire
more on his own).

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