Ptolus: The Campaign Continues

A Surprise Exit

A Gift of Insight

As it happens, our heroes weren’t quite done with the darkness of Dwarvenhearth, but seeing an exit and recovering one of the fabled Swords of Ptolus; one might ask: Why press your luck? Indeed they had to fight three petrified Chimeras surrounding the Night King’s tomb (of which nothing was there but a fabled trapped treasure trove). Vey lept to action with arrows while Xi-Fa slammed the Chimera’s with magic missle fury, leaving the sarcastic fighter to do some heavy hitting of his own.

Though it was touch and go for a short while as one Chimera breath a carbon smelling bolt of lightning right through Vey! But that is as bold as they were allowed to get as the party decimated the enemy, defeated a well placed trap then found the secret exit to Dwarvenhearth – which rose through a Dimension Door portal straight to the Bull & Bear Armory- or rather the back broom closet of this well known establishment.

Needless to say the owner, who is well acquainted with some of the party, was stunned to see them falling over each other as the door opened and they were behind the counter! Even more surprising was the Stonelost Dwarf standing there arguing over weather or not a cape would be worth his coin. He could not have predicted that today, the enticement of a cape would lead him to rejoining with his bretheren and retake their proud home. He took the news with concern but haste as he quickly paid the owner and ran off to locate some of his tribe’s leadership.

Meanwhile, the Defenders hastily went home to Rosegate House. It had been too long since they slept in their own beds and had hotmeals… to say nothing of seeing the sun again.



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